Thursday, February 2, 2012

Juggling School and House

Well, the semester is going : full speed ahead!! I have been running crazy trying to figure out how to juggle the house, kids, school, family activities, volunteer work, etc. -- but I think I am getting into the swing of things.   (It is that way for every college mom!) Got to love a schedule.  I get picked on but I have the electronic schedule and then, I also have to write down my to do list.  Hey, I am proud that I just recently moved to electronic in October, when Spence bought me the EVO pad for my birthday.

Along with everything else, I am working on trying to organize, "Angels Take Back the Night", which will be a candlelight vigil to help kick of Sexual Assault Awareness month at Meredith College in April.  I am really excited, and hope we can bring awareness to a very important topic.

Well, Ariel and I are off to the hair salon:  I am going to the "dark side".  I am leaving my red roots, and going brunette---  little nervous, but we will see how this goes! Pics to follow. lol