Friday, January 13, 2012

New Semester

Hahaha..... 2 posts last semester!!! Yeah, how did that work out for us? Ok, let's try this again, but I am taking 18 credit hours this semester so it will be even more insane so we will see! Today is the last day for the first week of the Spring semester, and how does it feel? RELIEF!!! I mean, seriously, I feel like one of the hounds they have turned loose at the race track.  I have three classes on each day Monday - Thursday, and then two on Friday.  I can handle that, however, the problem before me would be the extreme caseload of a social work research class where I am going to be gathering, conducting,etc. an actual study on my own (which is fine-- I love that stuff), on top of my Italian 2 class!  Ugh! (--->>que the deafening silence) . So I will take it like a woman, but in my Principles of Sociolgy class it is being based off of the Harry Potter films.  I have never seen or read the books so at first, I will admit, I almost jumped out of my own skin,but my daughter reminded me that I would not give Twilight a chance either and now I watch that with her.... hate when she is right! So here we go!

Let's see, oh I am also taking a Drugs and Society course which I think is going to be crazy interesting. First day, I learned women are getting high by putting LSD in their vagina!?!? WTW? Shut the front door!  I am 37, and I am proud that I have lived a sheltered life! lol.  I am taking a couple more social work courses and that is about it.

Family is great.  My daughter is in the middle of exams.  I can not believe she graduates in a couple of months.  I feel so old, but then again, she keeps me young!!  My son is struggling with his studies but I have faith in him! We bought him a Tap Out punching bag for Christmas. He was so happy! That was what he wanted. I guess at 16 it is good. Better the bag, than a wall, right?  Of course, like every family with the new year, we are striving for a healthier lifestyle.  We are redoing one of the rooms in the house into a workout / game room.  So I am excited about that.  I am starting yoga, and I am guessing anyone who knows my temper, would probably say that was a good thing.  But, I think I have mellowed some with age..... well, maybe a little!!  ;)

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